Alexa Broida
Alumni Co-Chair, NLC Philadelphia

She serves as the Vice President of Innovation Grants for the FS Foundation, where she works with grantees to provide education and workforce development opportunities to adults who have been left out of traditional models. Alexa is also an active member of various networks of social impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and grassroots activists, such as NEXUS and Next Gen.

Originally from San Diego, California, Alexa received her BA in Public Health and Developmental Psychology from UCLA in 2007, and her MA in Business and Organizational Management from The George Washington University in 2014. Professionally, she has also been on the nonprofit side, spending time abroad working on public health initiatives for recently arrived refugees in Tel Aviv, and 9 years as the Director of URJ Mitzvah Corps, running social justice travel programs for high school students through a global citizenship curriculum.

Passionate about discovering and uplifting untold stories, Alexa spends her free time exploring local programs around Philadelphia, fostering animals, volunteering, and keeping an active microblog throughout her world travels.