Alice Boyer
NVP Deputy Director, Native Vote Program
Alice Boyer (Tsi'koi'yiihktaan or “Rough Waters”) is a Metis, Little Shell and Blackfeet woman, who was born and raised in Missoula, MT by her parents, Along with her two brothers, Alice is a Native Montanan who has always found strength in her cultural heritage and connection to the state no matter where she’s traveled. During her 4.5 years at the University of Montana Alice worked full-time , volunteered with the YWCA of Missoula, served as a student manager for the UM Men’s Basketball team, lead the Kyiyo Native American Student Association (NASA) in multiple leadership roles, and eventually graduated with a degree in Philosophy.  After graduating, she moved to northwest Iowa to work as a field organizer for Governor Bullock’s Presidential campaign. There, she gained a deep appreciation for campaign work which drove her back home to Montana to finish the 2020 election cycle with the Montana Democratic Party’s Native Vote Program. Alice looks forward to eventually running for public office but in the meantime she’s working on earning a second BA in Native American Studies, and preparing for law school.