Alice Stewart
K-5 Online Thrive Teacher, Seaside School District
Alice Stewart is the K-5 Online Thrive Teacher at Pacific Ridge Elementary School in Seaside, Oregon. In this position, she coaches and supports families who have chosen to homeschool during the 2020-2021 COVID-19 school year. Previously, she worked as a fourth Grade Teacher at Gearhart Elementary School, which merged with Seaside Heights Elementary School in 2020 to become Pacific Ridge Elementary School. Alice was born and raised in Seaside and is currently working alongside colleagues who she once referred to as her teachers. Before being hired at Seaside School District, Alice was a 2010 Teach For America Corps Member in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2012, she moved to Newark, New Jersey to found KIPP THRIVE Academy. While a lead first grade teacher at THRIVE Academy, she wrote English Language Arts (ELA) lesson plans for all of KIPP NJ’s first grade teachers across its elementary schools. Alice has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Pacific Lutheran University and a Master of Education in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. She previously worked with the Louisiana Department of Education to develop blueprints for kindergarten units in reading and writing that aligned to the ELA Common Core State Standards. In the past, she has contracted with LearnZillion to publish the Guidebooks and EL Education Units, both reading and writing curriculums based on the ELA Common Core State Standards. These have been adopted in schools across the country. Alice is an active member in her local PEO International Chapter, Chapter FE. She also seeks to spread awareness of and advocate for Type 1 Diabetes using her identity as a diabetic to post on social media and teach others about the disease. On PNW rainy days, she is reading and rewatching West Wing and Game of Thrones. Whenever possible, she gets tickets to Broadway musicals, MLS games, and concerts. When weather permits, she spends lots of time hiking and exploring the PNW with her dog, Stanza.