Amore Rodriguez
Learning and Development Manager & Equity Point, City Year Miami
Amore Rodriguez is a first-generation American and the proud daughter and granddaughter of Cuban immigrants. Due to political unrest in Cuba, her grandmother, a political prisoner, and mother set out on their plight for freedom as exiles of the Cuban government. Their sacrifices have propelled Amore to seek opportunities that bring positive, sustainable change to our communities. She holds a sense of responsibility to not only honor those who have come before her but to create opportunities for those who will go after. Amore graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Her early career began with counseling and supporting migrant women in Gadsden County. Although she loved her job, she felt constrained by the structures that inhibited progress for the communities she was supporting. Therefore, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in Social work and another in Public Administration, which allowed her to understand impact at both a micro and macro level. During her graduate years, she became a program coordinator for an international educational nonprofit called PeaceJam. PeaceJam’s mission is to create sustainable change in local communities by connecting youth to Nobel Peace Prize Winners. PeaceJam was the catalyst for Amore to jump head first into social justice work, as she organized regional conferences of 600+ participants at a time. This work led to her hosting and supporting conferences internationally in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Greece. After graduation, Amore felt a burning desire to bring all of her newfound learning home. As a Cuban-American, she didn’t want people to feel like they had to leave Miami to be able to experience intrapersonal growth. Upon her return to Miami, Amore has jumped in to support local public schools with City Year and has started to spread roots in organizing the progressive Latine community to bring equitable change to the city.