Andrew Schwartz
Director, Sustainability and Global Affairs, Center for Earth Ethics
Andrew has nearly a decade experience working with community leaders, grassroots organizers, and elected officials across the country to build movements, craft communications and affect change on a wide range of issues. A graduate of the Union Theological Seminary, Andrew began his career as a youth representative to the United Nations Rio+20 Conference in Brazil in 2012. Since then he has held a number of positions including with the Climate Reality Project as an educator and program manager helping organize communities around the country to address climate concerns in their cities. He served as the Interim Executive Director of Bend 2030 where in collaboration with city and community leaders he helped develop a sustainable vision for Bend, OR. He has also worked extensively with faith, frontline, and indigenous communities to support grassroots advocacy and mobilization. He has served on the board of directors for the Oregon Sierra Club for the past four years. As Director of Sustainability and Global Affairs at the Center for Earth Ethics, he engages global actors such as the United Nations and the World Bank to build power and influence policy to build just and equitable responses to the growing climate crisis. He uses the lens of environmental justice to focus on biodiversity and rewilding, agriculture, and equitable development. A native of Oregon, Andrew and his incredibly cool wife, Emily, live in Portland with their daughter. He loves playing sports of most any kind and getting outside in nature. Much to his wife’s chagrin he’s always within reach of at least one good book that he’s left scattered around the house and thinks that he’s a much better cook than he actually is. His dog, Beatrice, is the best dog ever.a