Anja Wookey-Huffman
Candidate for BA in Political Science, Montana State University
Born and raised in Bozeman, MT, Anja Wookey-Huffman is an undergraduate student on track to graduate with a BA in Political Science from Montana State University in the Spring of 2021. She has concentrated her studies on political science and sociology to understand the dynamic systems, institutions, and rules that influence how we live in communities. Building this knowledge has made Anja more confident in exploring and pursuing different opportunities to work towards bringing about meaningful positive change in her community. Anja believes that accessing a more comprehensive range of perspectives on issues can expand difficult discussions and make it easier to find a resolution. She wants to open up conversations to help discover shared understandings around systemic social and political problems so that people become motivated to cooperate and pursue change. As a 2020 fellow with Progressive Pipeline, Anja received training in community organizing and then applied it within the community surrounding Bozeman, MT, where she has spent her life. Engaging with different people committed to democratic values, Anja organized volunteers and voters who held shared values, goals, and visions and were motivated to fight together for change. Anja spent the fall of 2020 working as a Campus Lead with the Montana Democrats Coordinated Campaign registering voters and opening productive dialogues with students to help them understand the power of their voices in politics and mobilize them to take action. After being engaged with her community during the 2020 election, Anja is inspired to keep going and maintain momentum behind the pursuit of positive social change.