Anna Breedlove
Co-Deputy Director

Anna Breedlove is an Associate Partner at Statecraft Digital, a political communications firm that aims to bring robust digital strategy to Democrats running in down ballot races.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Florida, Anna graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Studies, and from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland with an Master of Science in International Relations with a focus on Middle Eastern politics and women's rights.

She made the switch from international relations to domestic politics in 2016 during the Presidential election. Anna went to work for the San Diego County Democratic Party as their lead organizer running their coordinated campaign, running GOTV for San Diego's 1.65 million voters.

After the 2016 election she moved to Florida and quickly immersed herself in local campaigns flipping a couple of municipal seats in Gainesville, FL and working as a consultant around the state. In 2018, Anna worked as Representative Jennifer Webb's Field Director and helped flip the seat from red to blue, and electing the first out LGBT woman to the Florida Legislature in the process. After working for Representative Webb as her Legislative Aide during the 2019 Session, Anna was hired by Statecraft for her campaign experience as well as background in a digital marketing focused tech startup.

Anna is passionate about politics, intersectional advocacy for women's rights, her dogs, keeping her plants alive, and building the Democratic bench.