Anthony Close
Corporate and Real Estate Banking Associate, Raymond James
Anthony Close is a Corporate and Real Estate Banking Associate at Raymond James, a financial services firm headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. Born in Abilene, Texas and raised in Tampa Bay, he graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance with minors in Real Estate and Entrepreneurship in 2016. While at the University of Florida, Anthony served in student government and was a member of Florida Blue Key. An urbanist at heart, Anthony has a passion for cities and urban areas. In 2013 he founded St. Pete Rising, an online publication dedicated to urban development news in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Since its creation, St. Pete Rising has grown into a beloved community resource for news and information about real estate development. Anthony joined Raymond James Bank’s Corporate and Real Estate Banking group in 2017 and works in commercial real estate lending for both single-asset projects and real estate investment trusts. In this role, Anthony particularly enjoys helping finance the construction of mixed-use developments and urban affordable housing. Outside of work, Anthony is passionate about improving transportation and connectivity in the Tampa Bay region. To that end he serves on the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce’s Transportation Committee which focuses on regional accessibility and urban mobility. Anthony is a strong proponent of Complete Streets and believes that transportation networks should be designed around people - not cars. Anthony also serves on the board of YIMBY St. Pete (Yes In My Backyard St. Pete), a grassroots organization that is focused on changing land use and zoning regulations in St. Petersburg, FL to encourage the development of new housing. Anthony believes the continued development of attainable housing is crucial for the growth of equitable and sustainable cities. Moving forward, Anthony hopes to continue working to better his community and help it meet the challenges of tomorrow.