Anthony Mannino
Videographer, Photographer, Web Designer, and Content Creator

Anthony Mannino is a freelance videographer, photographer, web designer, and content creator. Through his company Oninnam LLC, Anthony is able to help both new and existing businesses establish an online presence, attract new customers, and grow their brand. Anthony also enjoys working with individuals and families to capture their special moments through his camera's lens. Additionally, he is developing a line of t-shirts and accessories that benefit the conscious causes they bring awareness too. Previously, Anthony has worked for Oakland University’s O.U. Care program as an instructor, where he taught young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder vocational and “soft” skills for future employment, through the art of filmmaking. Anthony has also worked as a Project Manager for a Massachusetts based healthcare company servicing underserved populations in Boston and its surrounding communities. More recently, Anthony has participated in several fundraisers for the Ruth Ellis Center, in which he has helped raise over $300,000 for homeless LGBTQIA+ youth in the Detroit area. Anthony is based in Ferndale, Michigan where he lives with his partner, Todd. He is passionate about leftist politics, and has a deep concern for the state of our governing bodies in their current form. His other interests include weird electronic music, woodworking, eco-friendly architecture, dancing, drag, and travel.