Ashley Morales-Pacheco
Graduate Assistant, Florida State University - Institute of Politics
Ashley Morales-Pacheco is a graduate student in the Political Science Department at Florida State University, studying American Government and Public Policy, with a focus on political behavior through the lens of psychology and measures of income class. She currently serves as one of four graduate assistants for FSU’s new Institute of Politics. Ashley previously served as the Campaign Manager for Danielle Irwin, who ran for Leon County Commission At Large. Through the campaign, Ashley was able to immerse herself in Tallahassee’s culture and political environment. Her work with the campaign connected her to local community leaders and opened her eyes to the potential Tallahassee has and the work that still needs to be done for future generations. She looks to take her experiences from the campaign and apply them in her research in hopes of working with local elected representatives to address the most pressing community issues. When she is not working on her research, she is serving as a classroom assistant at her local Kumon. A passionate educator for nine years, Ashley enjoys teaching and working with children on a wide breadth of subjects – from music to chemistry to language to mathematics. Ashley obtained her B.A. in Political Science and Psychology at the University of Tampa, where she was an Honors Magna Cum Laude graduate in December of 2018. Born in Miami and raised in Tampa, Ashley aspires to work with communities across the state of Florida to create and effect local and state-level policy change through elected office.