Azeib Nigatu
Selections Co-Chair, NLC Twin Cities

Azeib Nigatu is a Human Resource Specialist with the Department of Homeland Security. For the last three year, she has been working in the recruiting and consulting staffing division. There she provides operational service in performance management and supports placing veterans in positions across the country along with consulting with customers on recruitment and hiring plans.

Azeib was born and raised in St. Paul, MN, as a first-generation Ethiopian-American. As the daughter of refugee parents, Azeib knows firsthand the struggles and hardships that you can face from leaving your homeland and starting over. She envisions using cultural values for ally development on numerous social justice issues.

Azeib is also very passionate about tennis and women's sports. She grew up playing tennis with the St. Paul Urban Tennis program and continues playing/teaching tennis to youth programs around the Twin Cities. Additionally, in her free time, Azeib enjoys music, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.