Cecilia Prado
Co-Director/ Lead Organizer, Workers' Dignity/ Dignidad Obrera
Cecilia Prado is a Co-Director at Workers’ Dignity and the lead organizer and strategist for the Commercial Construction Campaign. She is a big picture thinker who approaches problems with an interdisciplinary lens. Before Workers’ Dignity, she led the Public Education efforts at Sanctuary in the Streets, a volunteer network with over 3,000 members offering rapid response services and campaign support for the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, which supports farm and restaurant workers in western Massachusetts. While at PVWC, she was also a leader behind their campaign to push 150 businesses, two mayors and a Chamber of Commerce to publicly endorse the Work and Family Mobility Act, a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for Massachusetts driver’s licenses. One year ago, Cecilia jumped into the rapid response mobilization to Mississippi after the massive ICE raids on poultry plants that devastated over 500 families across several towns. She helped coordinate emerging immigrant-centered community groups in towns directly impacted by ICE violence. Cecilia’s passion for immigrant and worker rights is fueled from her own experience as a Mexican immigrant, from growing up in a family with roots in the steel labor movement, and from her deep ties to her community. In the past, she has worked as an educator and interpreter, and as a microbiology researcher at Amherst College.