Chi Nguyen
Assistant Deputy Director, Marketing and Communications, NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability
Chi Nguyễn is the Assistant Deputy Director for Marketing and Communications at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, where she works on climate justice issues to encourage civic engagement and combat environmental racism in New York City. Previously, Chi was the Director of Creative Strategy at the Mayor’s Office working on key policies and programs, digital accessibility for people with disabilities, and language access for immigrant New Yorkers. During her tenure, she co-founded the first annual NYC Digital Inclusion Conference (DiCon) to provide hands-on workshops and networking opportunities for digital workers in public and private sectors on internet human rights, digital accessibility, and inclusion by design. Over the last ten years, Chi has worked extensively with brands, non-profit organizations, and the NYC government to shift mindset on tough issues, galvanize national and international audiences to take action, and advocate for equity and justice in- and outside of the workplace. Chi is also an interdisciplinary artist and teacher. She uses weaving and community-based art projects to talk about racial justice, immigrants’ rights, reproductive justice, and economic justice. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, Vogue, Bustle, Vice, among others. Born in Vietnam, Chi is now based in Brooklyn, New York.