Christopher Hinojo
Graduate Researcher Assistant; Candidate for PhD, University of South Florida
Christopher Hinojo serves as a graduate researcher in the Hyperbaric Biomedical Research Laboratory and a Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Sciences at the University of South Florida. His dissertation explores various mitigation strategies against CNS oxygen toxicity (e.g. seizures) to increase the amount of time hospital patients or military personnel in deep-sea diving or submarine operations can safely breathe pressurized oxygen. He collected his data using a remote control custom-made fluorescent microscope inside a pressurized chamber to measure oxygen free radicals produced by neurons during exposures to multiple high pressure and oxygen level environments. He has experience in small animal surgeries to implant a 4ET radio transmitter to measure biomarkers during in-vivo experiments. He is grateful for the support from the National Science Foundation Bridge to Doctorate & McKnight Doctoral fellowships, and the Office of Naval Research for funding his research. During his years as a graduate student, Chris served as Vice-President of the graduate government student body and developed an online platform for students to search volunteer opportunities in research labs. He volunteered for the USF Office of Graduate Admissions as a student ambassador to recruit potential graduate students during their campus visits and interviews. As an undergraduate at Iowa State University studying Microbiology, he served as a lecturer for a one-credit undergraduate course to 20+ students teaching the topic of public speaking and leadership styles. He is a Ronald E. McNair Scholar alumnus. Chris was born in Elizabeth, NJ as a first generation Peruvian-American. Outside of school, he is a Salsa and Bachata Dance Performer and enjoys practicing at the gym or wherever there is music. He has a three year old chocolate labrador named Atlas.