Chrystal Rambarath
Writer/Editor, Content Coordinator, Community Activist, Self employed
Chrystal D. Rambarath, MA, is a tenure professional in the non-profit sector working in support of social issues. Chrystal firmly believes that telling one's story and the power of words can sway hearts, move mountains, and result in systemic change. She is an experienced writer of different styles: personal narrative, creative writing, fiction, blogging, business writing, and more. As a Content Coordinator, she writes and edits Living Valencia Magazine. Chrystal’s featured work includes articles and edits to the work of contributors, including some published authors. Chrystal is an Indo-Trinidadian American citizen and mother of three young biracial children in whom she is cultivating a sense of civic duty, empathy, equality, equity, awareness, and passion for justice. Chrystal has a master’s degree from The George Washington University and a bachelor's degree from Florida International University in Social Sciences, a minor in Biological Sciences, and a college certificate in Biotechnology.