Associate Director - Relationship Management, Adjunct Professor, The Bank of Nova Scotia, The City of New York (CUNY)

Cristhian Escobar is a corporate lawyer at The Bank of Nova Scotia ("Scotiabank"), whose responsibilities include advising a diverse set of clients, and facilitating the bank’s expansion into Latin American markets. Additionally, he started two Employee Resource Groups that support both the bank's Latinx and LGBT+ employees, further developing Scotiabank's culture of diversity and inclusion. Cristhian's role at Scotiabank allows him to work collaboratively with global partners like Fashion for Development/United Nations, Veterans on Wall Street, Out Leadership, and others with the goal of building ally networks and creating partnerships aimed at social justice and economic empowerment.

Prior to his employment with Scotiabank, Cristhian received a prestigious fellowship from the British Consulate that allowed him to work with Goldman Sachs in London. Before the fellowship, he was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as Legal Advisor and Chief of Staff to a Commissioner at the California Public Utilities Commission. Cristhian's responsibilities included developing energy, telecommunications, and utility policy, as well as designing and implementing programs that encouraged entrepreneurship and technological innovation throughout California.

Cristhian prides himself on using his vast work and diverse life experiences to foster the successful development of individuals, organizations, communities, and networks. Born in Nicaragua, he has called New York City home since fleeing the Nicaraguan Revolution as a
child. Cristhian is committed to the tactical urbanism involved in revitalizing the post-COVID economic development of his American hometown by promoting the greening of the city, as well as leveraging the transformative power of creative enterprise and the arts. He is currently an adjunct professor in the City University of New York system, teaching an introductory constitutional law class to aspiring police officers. An experienced leader, he serves on the boards of Queer Art and the Fire Island Art Residency. Cristhian is a dedicated volunteer to a variety of causes and has gone as far as lobbying Congress to ensure goals are achieved. In his spare time, he is an artist whose practice focuses on the use of graffiti.