Dalia Gomez
Founder/ED, Vertical Skillz Outreach
Dalia "La Pantera" Gomez is committed to providing Oakland’s youth with continual growth, development and skill-building opportunities. Dalia is a professional boxer with accolades including 2015 California Golden Glove Champion, 2015 Puerto Rico vs California Champion and 2016 Beautiful Brawler Champion. She translates this fighting spirit and determination to succeed into her work with local youth. As a physical education teacher for the Oakland Unified School District, she is invested in their futures and deeply embedded in the community. Outside the classroom, Dalia founded and operates Vertical Skillz Outreach (VSO). VSO provides youth in the community with educational and enrichment experiences that otherwise may not be available to them. For example in 2019, she took a group of kids to Cuba for an educational cultural immersion experience and gave back used clothes and sports equipment to the kids. For the kids on the trip, it was their first time ever leaving the country. Dalia is driven by this mission to broaden children’s horizons by providing opportunities to see the world beyond their community. Dalia hopes to combine these two passions of kinetic energy and community service by opening the first Latina-owned boxing gym in Oakland where she can mentor and train kids for years to come.