Danielle Scott
Advancement Co-Chair, NLC Louisiana

Danielle Scott is a leader, collaborator and passionate change agent for underserved communities and local governments. She is a champion for diversity and inclusion and strong believer in the concept of "unity in diversity". This deeper focus on diversity and inclusion aligns with her belief that our differences enrich our interactions allowing us to achieve harmony and more sustainable change.


Danielle joined PFM's Management and Budget Consulting practice in 2015. This role allows her to support local leaders, policy and operations so that governments can better address critical needs and services of residents. As a Senior Managing Consultant in the firm's New Orleans office, she has worked directly with over 25 government entities in Louisiana and across the country. 

She is a strong believer in the power of data driven policy and thoughtful leadership as a way to impact underserved communities. In her role with PFM, she leads projects where the firm provides budgetary and financial analysis, reviews municipal operations and develops long range financial plans focused on helping municipalities overcome their fiscal challenges.

Specializing on cities facing fiscal distress, she has helped municipalities of varying demographics and challenges develop long-term blueprints for fiscal and community sustainability. As a part of that work, she served as core staff to the National Resource Network, which was an Obama Administration funded initiative through the Strong Cities/Strong Communities that provided economically distressed cities with subsidized technical assistance.

In addition to her public sector consulting work, Danielle is a champion for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) within PFM and is active on her firm's D&I Council. Through this work, she led efforts to create the firm's first employee resource groups and is actively supporting efforts in recruiting a diverse workforce.

Prior to joining PFM, Danielle received her B.A. in Political Science with a concentration on Community Development from Howard University. Her time at Howard was pivotal in shaping her perspective on diversity and the significance of local government's impact on underserved populations. She believes our companies, communities, and country are better when the perspectives and experiences of everyone are used to drive change.