David Corbie
Greenovate Boston Outreach Manager, City of Boston
David Q. Corbie is a dedicated Anti-Racism and Social Justice Advocate. He was born in the South End neighborhood of Boston and is a METCO alumnus. The cultural complexities of the METCO program fostered a deep interest in the systems that created the racial paradigms he experienced. This created a life-long passion to use his life’s work to dismantle it. David received a B.A. from Boston College in Sociology and a minor in Faith, Peace, and Justice. Following graduation, David cofounded the Clearing the Air Initiative, which worked to advocate against a local waste incinerator plant on behalf of the residents of Saugus and Revere who were subject to the resulting particulates from the adjacent ash pile. For his work on environmental justice and public health, David received the River Stewardship award from the Saugus River Watershed Council, as well as Certificates of Commendation from the Revere City Council and the Massachusetts’ House of Representatives. Around this time, David served as a Community Organizer at the Union of Minority Neighborhoods (UMN), working in Roxbury and Dorchester to illuminate inequities in health, economics, and civics for Boston’s Black community. He also served as the coordinator of the Howard Rye Institute fellowship, where he worked to advance and develop the next generation of civic and political leaders of the Black community in the Greater Boston community. David’s most meaningful organizing effort came when he led a water and money drive for the community of Flint during the Water Crisis in 2016. For his service to the people of Flint, David received a resolution from the Boston City Council. David has served as the Greenovate Boston Outreach Manager for the City of Boston. David manages the Leaders program, which serves as an umbrella initiative geared towards advancing community resident’s engagement with taking climate action. David has worked to push equity and anti-racism to the forefront of his climate work, working to bring climate and environment out of silos and into conversations that look holistically at what Boston’s most vulnerable communities are experiencing. David is passionate about community development and uplifting the voices of the marginalized. He is a staunch believer in the power of community and grassroots in solving humanity’s greatest issues. David hopes that his work will inspire all sectors of Boston to adopt anti-racism actions to create a more idealized and equitable society.