David Lewis
Software Engineer, Microsoft
David Lewis is a software engineer who strives to bridge the gap between technology and other industries. He currently works for Microsoft, improving employee experiences through internal application development. He previously worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, a federal contracting firm in Washington D.C., where he developed software solutions for the Department of Labor, to improve American residents' access to various government benefits. David has also worked as a web development teacher, in South Bend, Indiana, helping underrepresented children and adolescents in their journey to become web developers and learn about computer science. In the summer of 2015, he volunteered to teach basic computer skills to students in the Oshikoto region of northern Namibia. Throughout his journey thus far, he has seen the ways in which technology can positively influence peoples’ lives, regardless of their background, and plans to continue spreading a positive view of a rapidly evolving industry. David spent four years at the University of Notre Dame, earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and participated in various clubs and activities focused around athletics, arts, social improvement, and personal enlightenment. His main interests stretch a few categories such as technology, fitness, philosophy, and politics; however, he also enjoys drawing a stick figure or two, and appreciates a good movie.