Dawn Jones
Organizer, Grassroots Law Project
Dawn Jones is a Houston native and graduate of Texas Southern University. She is an innovative leader with a strong interest in liberating young black minds through political awareness. As an organizer for Beto for Texas in 2018, she sharpened her community organizing skills and discovered her true passion for student organizing and ground level community interaction. This led her to work for the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign at a National Student Organizing Desk. Dawn is a champion for students. She believes in young people, understanding that if young people are equipped with the tools to effectively create change that they can confidently challenge the status quo. She is now an Organizer for Grassroots Law Project where she leads the student program. During the recent up-rise of the Black Lives Matter movement she began training students to run campaigns in their school districts and college campuses to fight for racial justice, to end the criminalization of youth, and to invest in people and programs that support young people.