Delia Cleveland
Program Coordinator, City College of San Francisco
Delia Cleveland is an Afro-indigenous immigrant from Bolivia, who immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. Delia is the only one in her family to have graduated from college, earning a BA in English from UC Berkeley. While exploring a career in teaching, she worked closely with impoverished elementary students, where she witnessed firsthand the inequities of our educational system. She noticed some children had parents who would read to them daily and others didn’t even own books, yet these children were expected to perform equally. She was disillusioned by the incessant testing and the unreasonable expectation for students to “excel” when they lack resources and they don’t start with the same support. After this experience, Delia’s focus shifted from teaching to social work. She became a case manager, serving homeless families in San Francisco for three years. While supporting some of our most vulnerable communities, she decided to pursue a career in education again, aiming to empower individuals in their search for upward mobility through education. Currently, Delia works as a Program Coordinator for the Working Adult Degree Program (WADP) at City College of San Francisco, where she proudly serves over 100 adult students. Delia is also a CCSF alumnus, and she is dedicated to supporting students in earning multiple Associate’s Degrees, as well as transferring to a four-year university. WADP students face barriers that most traditional college students don’t. They are returning students (often after a long period of time), full-time employees, and parents. Delia strives to bridge the gap for students of any age, all backgrounds, and create a well-connected community amongst them. She is a relentless advocate for her students and goes above and beyond to meet their needs. She leads with her heart and strongly believes education must be accessible, attainable, and free for all students. Delia is very passionate about social justice, educational equity, and the uplifting of our marginalized communities in any way possible.