Eliza Earhart
Special Education Teacher, Oldham County Schools
Eliza Earhart works as a teacher at an elementary school in Oldham County. She leads her Exceptional Child Education (ECE) team at her school and serves as a consultant to the Response to Intervention team. She teaches students with learning and social/emotional disabilities as well as students with Autism Spectrum disorders. She works with students both in and outside of their general education classrooms in order to best meet their educational goals. Her vocational passions include giving all students access to education that empowers them and helping teachers teach the whole child. Previously, Eliza taught Special Education in the Chicago suburbs for four years, after gaining her master’s degree in special education. She also spent time teaching literacy-based field trips and after school reading programs at Open Books, a literacy program in Chicago, and teaching Outdoor Education at Bradford Woods, in Martinsville, Indiana. Eliza was born and raised in Louisville and moved back four years ago. She lives in Crescent Hill with her husband, Andy, and daughters, Daphne (five) and baby Lulu (