Elizabeth Wilson
Candidate for MSP, Florida State University

Elizabeth Wilson was born in New Mexico and raised in Connecticut and Florida. In 2018 she graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Social Science. During her undergraduate degree, Elizabeth had the opportunity to intern in the Florida League of Cities and in Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy's Washington, D.C. office. After graduating, she became Representative Margaret Good's Finance Director for her State House re-election campaign. There, Elizabeth led the campaign to raise the second most for a Florida House election that year.  Elizabeth stayed with Representative Good to serve as her Legislative Aide and Finance Director for her Congressional bid. 

She believes being a progressive means understanding that we live in a collective society and progressive values should focus on the wellbeing of all individuals. Being a progressive today is not necessarily what being a progressive will be in 5 years, and that is the beauty of it. 

Elizabeth is passionate about creating inclusive, engaging, and accessible communities. She believes that transportation should be multi-modal, and housing is a right for all. Her ultimate goals are to encourage sustainable urban design from a federal level and foster individuals' pride in their communities. 

In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and baking.