Emilee Harris
Program Manager, State Public Policy Group
Emilee Harris, the daughter of a union leader and a community healthcare advocate, likes to joke that she had no choice but to grow up and become a progressive leader. Currently, Emilee works as a Program Manager with State Public Policy Group, helping area nonprofits, organizations, and unions to achieve their policy and advocacy goals. Her policy specialty areas include maternal health, early childhood, school aged youth, education, environmental health, and agriculture. Prior to working at SPPG, Emilee worked for Vote Smart, tracking and analyzing the issue positions of candidates running for office across the nation. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Grand View University with majors in political science and public administration in 2018. At a young age, Emilee learned the importance of voice. As a child she was mostly non-verbal due to her learning disability. It was only around the age of 13 that Emilee decided she would always use her newly found voice to speak up for those who usually are not heard. Outside of policy and advocacy, Emilee enjoys spending her time annoying her husband, hanging out with her daughter, and doting on her son. Her hobbies include video games, crafting, fashion, and scrolling social media. She is always quick to give you a fact about the paranormal – something she embarrassingly knows far too much about. Emilee is excited about the learning opportunities and personal growth that NLC will offer. She plans on using what she learns to keep pushing for progressive change in the city she loves most. Emilee also looks forward to networking with the other Des Moines fellows, using their shared experience to support each other in achieving their goals.