Emily Taylor
Development Manager, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation
Emily Taylor joined Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation as the Development Manager in September 2020. She works to create a more inclusive and diverse world by engaging people who are invested in improving people's lives through assistive technology. She works with community partners, stakeholders, donors, and funders to increase Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation’s reach and impact on the communities we serve. Her mission is to bring people together to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities and older adults. Emily is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals with ten years of proven success in nonprofit management and innovative social enterprises. She engages the community in unique and innovative ways to create economic opportunities for all people, regardless of circumstance. Prior to joining Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation, Emily directed One Step Away, Philadelphia’s street magazine. As One Step Away’s Director, Emily wrote and designed the monthly magazine advocating for social justice, created income opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty, and facilitated community interaction to break down stereotypes and social divides. As a member of the International Street Paper Network, Emily worked with 126 street papers in 35 countries to address the global issues of homelessness, poverty, and housing insecurity through social enterprising street papers. Emily is a Philadelphia native and a dedicated advocate for social justice and inclusion. She truly embraces the City of Brotherly Love and uses her passion and experience to make our world a better place for all. Emily loves to travel, meet new people, learn new skills, and go on adventures around the world or down the block.