E'yandra Otis
Community Relations Rep, City of Detroit- Councilman Roy McCalister, Jr

E'yandra Otis works in Community Relations for Detroit City Council member and MPLP alum Roy McCalister, Jr. E'yandra just recently completed the MPLP program also and will be a 2020 graduate. He also is an elected precinct delegate. In 2019, E'yandra was the recipient of the African American Leadership Institute "Art Featherstone Precinct Delegate of the Year", Detroit Underground Hip Hop Awards "Community Leader" and the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) recipient of the "Next Generation Leadership". He has done work in the community for such organizations as Good Jobs Now (Detroit Action) and served on the housing justice committee. He also serves on the District 2 Millennial Roundtable forming board. E’yandra is a graduate from Detroit Mumford High School. E'yandra is a family and community first type of person and does not believe in the "same ole” ways of getting things done. E'yandra Otis is committed to change and progression in our society. He believes in working with everybody but leans heavily on respect of all and just getting the job finished.