Grant Lovering
A Simple Place Farms

Grant Lovering is an explorer of the world and mind who spent over seven years abroad, mostly teaching English in Taiwan. After returning stateside in May 2017, he spent two seasons as a road-trip tour guide before diving headfirst into activism. Prior to COVID-19, he spent eight months canvassing for Amnesty International in Tampa Bay and opening locals' hearts and minds to the rights of refugees to seek safety and asylum. Grant just finished an election cycle phone banking for Progressive Turnout Project and canvassing for Hard Knocks. He's staying active on the streets and in the seats of power during the BLM movement; meeting with Tampa's mayor, City Council members, and police chiefs trying to push through a mental health response program. He values networking with various groups and finding common ground among people who would otherwise choose to not interact with each other. Grant has recently decided to happily settle down in the hometown Sunshine City after nomadic twenties and begun acquiring houseplants. His roommate has agreed to rewatch Westworld until they solve the maze of what it means to be human. He eats like a rabbit, does yoga, meditates, and gets into nature as much as possible to stay sane. His favorite authors are Erik Larson, Yuval Noah Harari, Kurt Vonnegut, and Arundhati Roy.