Gretchell Trochez-Triguero
Co-Director, NLC Tampa Bay

She has nearly a decade of experience in Florida politics, mostly in campaign finance. Prior to joining House Victory, she served as Finance Director at Ruth’s List, an organization dedicated to training more pro-choice female candidates for public office in Florida. At Ruth’s List, she led the efforts to raise over $2 million to support pro-choice female candidates. She has also served on the Charlie Crist for Governor campaign as a finance assistant.

Trochez-Triguero currently serves as the Co-Director of the Tampa Bay chapter of New Leaders Council, a national organization dedicated to training the next generation of progressive leaders. In 2019, she was named as a Rising Star in Florida Politics by INFLUENCE Magazine.

Gretchell Trochez-Triguero was born and raised in Miami as a first-generation Honduran-American. When she isn’t helping Democrats run for office, she searches for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. She lives in Tampa with her dog Stark.