Gurlovleen Rathore
Program Aide; Site Supervisor; Evaluation Officer, Texas A&M University; Stray Dog Theatre; STEM Advocacy Institute
Gurlovleen Rathore is an aspiring STEAM education policy advisor with a background in engineering. She is passionate about advancing visions for accessible, equitable and affordable high quality education systems. She believes that education should help individuals discover themselves, their world and their relationships to the world so that all can flourish to their full potential. To achieve this promise, she compassionately advises, organizes and advocates with the early childhood education to STEAM workforce communities, to create systemic changes that maximize accessibility, equity and affordability of high quality STEAM education systems. Gurlovleen Rathore is proficient at developing research-based educational programs, strategic partnerships, and evaluation plans that support innovation in STEAM education. She has previously served in various leadership positions with the American Society for Engineering Education. She is currently a Thesis Assistant at Texas A&M University, an after-school site Supervisor with Stray Dog Theatre in St. Louis, and an Evaluation Officer with the STEM Advocacy Institute. She is also a member of the Accelerating Systemic Change Network, Kids Win MO, the St. Louis Regional Coalition for Digital Equity & Inclusion, the University Innovation Fellows and the Cheeky Scientist Association. Gurlovleen Rathore holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Education from Texas A&M University, a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and a BSE in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan.