Hannah Matthys
Equity Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Dr. Hannah Matthys is a Korean transracial and transnational adoptee who grew up in a small, rural community in Wisconsin. To add complexity to this experience, she had several Black siblings who, although growing up in the same household, had very different experiences. She earned her PhD from the University of Colorado, focusing on identity development, belonging, and equity. This helped her to develop a lens and discover the words to describe the inequities that permeated her existence. Equipped with this knowledge and expertise, her goal now is to provide access to theories and conversations that often live in the world of academia, grounding them in participants' lived experiences and centering them in growth and transformation. This expertise and experience has been developing over ten years of teaching and facilitation around belonging and equity in college and graduate courses, conferences, and school districts. Currently, Hannah leads Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. She works internally to help drive change that will ultimately impact the entire State of Colorado. Hannah also is the founder of Be Brave Diversity, a consulting agency that provides personalized training and consulting around Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to various organizations. With the rest of her "free time" Hannah volunteers as an Ultimate Frisbee coach at the high school local and national level- with a focus on equity, team culture, and personal development for each player. Hannah is happily married to Eric and expecting their first child at the end of November 2020.