Hannah Rosenthal
Graduate Support Counselor, Loyola Academy of St. Louis
Hannah Rosenthal identifies as a “clinician-organizer” and seeks to make her role as a social worker obsolete. She is committed to confronting the racist structures that prevent all people from reaching their full potential and pushing those in power to shift their behavior toward collective healing. Hannah’s theory of change is grounded in “compassionate accountability” and requires integrating micro and macro practice. In 2019, Hannah co-founded Progressive Jews of St. Louis (ProJoSTL), an intergenerational group of Jews in St. Louis opposed to racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, human rights violations, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. She aims to educate the St. Louis community around the Occupation and differentiate between antisemitism and criticism of Israel. Hannah currently serves as the Graduate Support Counselor at Loyola Academy of St. Louis. Her professional experience in the St. Louis region includes work for Alive and Well Communities and East St. Louis School District 189. Hannah spent three years after college in Chicago working for the Illinois State Board of Education, where she wrote communications for the State Superintendent of Education and co-facilitated the launch of the Equity Advisory Work Group to improve racial and educational equity within the agency and in school districts across Illinois. As co-manager of the state’s School Security and Standards Task Force, Hannah pushed task force members to approach school safety from a perspective of community care and restorative justice. In her work, Hannah aspires to support individuals in healing while dismantling institutionalized racism; to empower clients to see community engagement as a coping skill, while using therapeutic modalities to create systemic change. Hannah received her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and earned her Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, where she studied African American Studies and Politics.