Ian McCain
Business Development Manager, Eastside Community Network
Ian Colin McCain's interests lie at the intersection of community engagement, political organizing, and economic development. His community focused work revolves around the question: how do we work within and outside of capitalism to achieve economic empowerment, moving towards equity, justice, and liberation for marginalized individuals and communities? Ian currently serves as the Business Development Manager for the Eastside Community Network. He supports nearly two hundred businesses through the Mack Avenue Business Association, and attracts new businesses to the corridor. Ian will complete his Master of Community Development Degree, with a concentration in Economic Development, in December 2020. His capstone group's project is titled, "Decolonizing Community Development: Building Thriving Communities Amidst Crisis." Ian currently resides in Detroit, where he plans to soon buy a house and run for political office. He also aspires to complete a doctoral program in Urban Planning or Public Policy.