Imran Mumtaz
Loan Officer, Michigan Women Forward
Imran Mumtaz is passionate about and dedicated to radically changing the way individuals and entities think about supporting small businesses, particularly when it comes to the provision of financial capital. Imran fundamentally believes that coordinated place-based investments among funding organizations and greater accessibility to a variety of financing options are two critical components of a more equitable small business landscape. To that end, Imran is dedicated to identifying ways and opportunities to help drive those ideas to the forefront. Currently, Imran Mumtaz is a Loan Officer at Michigan Women Forward (MWF). Imran helps coordinate the organization’s statewide microlending operations – working in collaboration with entrepreneurs and various support organizations to help small businesses get to their next level. Additionally, he helps develop collaborations with MWF’s strategic partners and relationships with other external parties, hoping to leverage the organization’s strengths to tackle systemic issues related to entrepreneurship and economic development in the state. Imran previously worked as Client Services Analyst at NISA Investment Advisors, where he began his professional career supporting relationships with some of the largest institutional investors in the world. Prior to that, his experiences included leading growth for a local real estate startup (readybuild), supporting community development for an independent art project (Chronicle::Ferguson), and developing strategy for a number of nonprofits. Imran is currently a 2019 Venture For America Fellow, a fellowship for recent grads who want to learn how to build a business while making an impact. He is also a CFA Exam Level III Candidate. Imran is a 2017 product of the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied finance, accounting, and pre-medicine, supported increased financial support for student groups, and served on the leadership team for multiple organizations.