Inella Ray
Community Engagement Co-Chair, NLC Philadelphia

As a Philadelphia native and a proud product of The Philadelphia School District, Inella understands the power of what happens when we invest in tomorrow’s generation – today. This understanding has led her to building a career around youth development and empowerment, particularly for vulnerable populations in the Greater Philadelphia region. Inella presently serves as a Program Director of After-School Programs at KIPP Lanning Square Primary, where she gets to help mold and protect the potential of our generation’s future leaders. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and volunteering. She is super excited to be one of the Community Engagement Co-Chairs for the 2019-2020 fiscal year and hopes to further connect NLC Philadelphia to the Greater Philadelphia community.

Inella began her career within the Finance industry, but after spending two years within the industry she realized a growing dissonance between her full-time role and what she continues to be deeply passionate about. Inella left the Finance industry to pursue a higher calling – helping to make society a better place for us all, in other words getting involved in ‘good trouble’.

Inella is deeply committed to solving big social problems with creative solutions, particularly within the education arena. Inella believes that the most powerful way to move the needle on the social scale of justice is to invest in tomorrow’s future, today. Inella believes the greatest equalizer across gender, race, and class is education; which propels her to fight for the universal right to an equitable education for all. This has led her to serve as the Program Director of After-School Programs for KIPP New Jersey. Inella’s favorite part about working with young people is the fact that they constantly redefine what is possible in the world.