Isa Kibira
School Success Program Assistant, Minneapolis Public Schools
Isa Kibira has nearly half a decade of experience doing racial equity work in the public sector in his hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota. His political imagination extended beyond nightly news commentary when his dad began translating speeches of the former president of Tanzania, Julius Neyrere. This exposure generated the striking contrast and political curiosities he has explored in his professional and educational career. He received his undergraduate degree from Occidental College, majoring in politics and minoring in education, and has completed post-graduate coursework in the digital humanities department at the University of California, Los Angeles. Today, Isa enjoys developing curriculum with others about the complexities and contradictions of Black freedom. He lives out this passion as a teacher in the Office of Black Student Achievement in Minneapolis Public Schools. There, he explores self and community empowerment, critical financial literacy, and big data through a Black lens alongside youth. Outside of the classroom, Isa can be found at the park with his niece and nephew, at a local comedy club, or in an indoor tennis facility reliving his college athletic career.