Jazmin Bryan
Comfortable with ALL pronouns.
Community Specialist, Community Action Agency of Oklahoma and Canadian County
Jazmin Bryan is a specialist with the Community Action Agency, where she strives to promote the self-sufficiency of the socially, economically, and culturally disadvantaged citizens of Oklahoma and Canadian counties. Her goal is to eliminate poverty in communities by providing everyone a chance to work, live in decency, and secure the opportunities needed to become fully self-sustaining. A musician at heart, Jazmin graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music in Oklahoma City, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business Management with a focus on organizational leadership and a minor in audio engineering. She has spent over a decade working to organize and promote local artists, their events, and to spread the joy of music with everyone she meets. In the future, she plans to continue her education with the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy. In her free time, Jazmin is often found relaxing at home with her partner Duong and their cat Sunny. She enjoys playing video games, practicing her saxophone or ukulele, and learning how to read tarot cards. In addition, Jazmin also likes to experiment with creating new music and would like to eventually start an organization that aims to help connect individuals within their communities through music and art.