Jeantelle Laberinto
Consultant, Community Organizer, N/A
Jeantelle Laberinto is a San Francisco born-and-raised Filipina with experience in policy research, community organizing, and community engagement. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at San Francisco State University in 2014 and spent five years working as an assistant for a private psychiatric firm administering psychological testing, assisting with evaluations, and helping patients navigate complex healthcare systems. Though working in the mental health field was enriching, Jeantelle became increasingly aware of the systemic and cultural barriers for marginalized communities in accessing mental health services and sought out spaces to better understand the larger systemic inequities faced by these communities. She determined that addressing these barriers through public policy was the most direct way she could positively impact change, and decided to pursue a master’s degree in Urban and Public Affairs at the University of San Francisco. Upon graduating in 2019, Jeantelle was awarded The Senator John Foran Outstanding Student Leader Award from the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good for her commitment to creating positive political change in service to the San Francisco community. Jeantelle is deeply committed to social justice, equity, and serving and building power with the people, especially communities that have been historically marginalized and disenfranchised by systems of power. Jeantelle most recently served as a consultant for SOMA Pilipinas, the Filipino Cultural Heritage District, facilitating the extensive community engagement, development, and writing of a strategic report to prevent displacement and gentrification, advance community sustainability, and celebrate the unique Filipino cultural heritage in the South of Market. She has experience working on various political campaigns in San Francisco, organizing with community groups and organizations to advance housing justice, and working as an intern at City Hall in Supervisor Matt Haney’s office, specifically researching and analyzing legislative initiatives pertaining to land use, mental health, and criminal justice reform. In Jeantelle’s free time, she writes for 48 Hills, covering politics and community direct actions, provides mentorship and career support for students of color and first-generation students at her alma maters, Lowell High School and the University of San Francisco, and organizes with the Filipinx Progressive Caucus to increase civic engagement and invest in political education for the Filipino community in San Francisco. A principle that guides her work is meeting people where they are. She hopes to use her skills to build community and engage others in the fight for a more equitable world.