Jennifer Meyer-Conklin
Executive Director, The Hive Connection, Inc
Jennifer Meyer-Conklin is a native Oklahoman who, along with her husband Dylan, is raising two boys, a rescued Blue Doberman who thinks she's a person, one turtle, and a new nonprofit organization in Edmond. Since 2005, Jennifer has started businesses that allow her to explore her passions and challenge herself. From interior design to on-call pet sitting and most recently the 501c3, she finds fulfillment by finding out what people are missing and finding a unique way of meeting that need. Jennifer is currently serving as the Founder and Executive Director of The Hive Connection, Inc. The nonprofit was formed by her and her husband in 2019 to connect Oklahomans to essential resources and provide Action Plans for those ready to break any cycle that isn't beneficial to their wellbeing. Nachos, the entire Oregon coast, and her book club are just a few things she requires in ample doses to maintain balance and sanity.