Jerome Maples
Legislative Assistant - Campaign Manager, Florida Sentae Dec 1 / Current Senate Victory

Jerome Antonio Maples is a third generation Floridan, raised in Gadsden County. Jerome is married to Hentoya Maples and has two children: Trinity and Jerome II. Jerome graduated from West Gadsden High School in 2010 and attended Florida A&M University, studying political science and military science. He has been recognized nationally and locally for his leadership and community service, was featured in the 2014 Cherry Hall Alexander African-American History Calendar among many other awards. Maples’ love of politics started off early. He was one of Gadsden County School Board’s student representatives his senior year in high school. He has gone on to serve on countless campaigns and in many legislative roles, serving as Senior District Secretary to Senate Minority Leader Audrey Gibson and most recently as the campaign manager for Loranne Ausley’s successful senate campaign. Maples’ life was not one of privilege, as he and his mother were homeless for many years and had to live in Christ-Town and with other family, but if you ask him, this was a blessing. Jerome learned early on to strive for greatness and grasped onto as many mentors as possible. Because of this, Jerome has done the things we tell all our children to do: finish high school, go to college and never forget where you came from. That is now Maples’ motto and the way he lives life.