Jessica Collazo
Alumni Co-Chair, NLC Philadelphia

She settled in Philadelphia to do just that after receiving her degree in political science from the University of Pittsburgh. While in Pittsburgh, she served three terms of national service. She began building language and literacy skills with preschoolers in underserved neighborhoods with Jumpstart, and later implemented citywide youth mentoring and literacy initiatives in the Pittsburgh Mayor’s Office. She went on to serve as Deputy Service Officer for youth initiatives before making the leap across the state. 

Jessica is an Assistant Program Officer with Philadelphia LISC, a community development organization-helping neighbors build communities. She manages economic development programming, aimed at building financial stability and employment pathways to empower residents in distressed communities around the city. She also collaborates with community partners, and provides technical assistance, data management and development strategies to build their capacity to develop.

Jessica also passionately advocates for supportive policy change and strategic relief efforts to Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans in transition to the mainland, serving with local and regional organizations.

Aside from supporting equitable communities, Jessica enjoys cooking with sofrito, pausing JFK documentaries to tell you what she thinks, sampling fair trade coffee & exploring Philadelphia's parks, libraries & museums at warp speed.