John Stoller
Attorney IV, Research Unit, County of Sacramento, Office of the Public Defender
John Stoller is an Assistant Public Defender in Sacramento County where he represents persons seeking to vacate murder convictions. He is also charged with litigating issues of major public concern, such as the public health risks of COVID-19 within the carceral system, racial profiling, and defending new criminal justice reforms from constitutional attacks. He serves as a resource for attorneys both in and outside of his office, providing legal research assistance and amicus support. Previously, he was a civil rights attorney with the Law Offices of Pamela Y. Price, a ground-breaking civil rights attorney and tireless advocate. John volunteers with his community through both local organizations and ad hoc efforts. As a member of the ACLU of Northern California – Sacramento Chapter, he puts on informational events for the community, provides Know Your Rights trainings, and serves as a community watchdog. As a member of Wellstone Progressive Democrats and the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, he contributes to grassroots efforts within Sacramento County for most major elections and issues. He also regularly speaks at local high schools, colleges, and law schools on various civil rights and constitutional law topics. He frequently volunteers in various community efforts such as law school pipeline programs and other community events. John is proud to be a first generation college graduate and cares deeply about issues facing people on the downside of power. His favorite book is The Life of God (as Told by Himself) by Franco Ferrucci. He wishes he knew more jokes.