Jonathan Lancaster
Lead Teacher and Social Studies Teacher, Bergen County Technical Schools
Jonathan Lancaster is currently a Lead Teacher and Social Studies teacher at Bergen County Technical High School. He has been a member of the school’s School Improvement Panel Committee, Institutional Review Board, and Leadership Academy. Through these roles, Jonathan teaches, develops school goals, leads teacher-research teams, creates Professional Learning Communities, and provides professional development workshops for teachers. Jonathan is also the author of “The Teaching Mirror: Lessons Learned as a First-Year Teacher” and “The Concise EHI Experience Guide to Harkness,” which both serve to support teachers in their pedagogy and effectiveness. In his professional community, Jonathan serves as the Federal Government Relations Co-Chair within the Bergen County Education Association, where he maintains contact with New Jersey's congressional delegation regarding the National Education Association’s and New Jersey Education Association's legislative programs, chairs screening committees in congressional races, and collaborates with New Jersey Education Association lobbyists and the New Jersey Education Association Government Relations team. Moreover, Jonathan serves as the Legislative Action Team Chair, Parliamentarian, and Early-Career Liaison within the Bergen County Vocational-Technical Schools Education Association. Through all of these roles, Jonathan seeks to advocate on behalf of public educators county-wide. In the community, Jonathan was appointed to the Bergen County Human Relations Commission, where he advocates for policies that foster respect for the rights and differences of others, supports the expansion of existing programs which promote acceptance and combat bigotry, and advances human rights and cultural diversity in Bergen County. Jonathan currently resides in Bergen County, where he enjoys creating music, competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and spending quality time with loved ones.