Juliana Good
Candidate for MPP, Founder and Consulting Lead @ Neighborhood Access, University of New Hampshire--Durham
Juliana (Jules) Good is a second-year student in the Accelerated Master of Public Policy program through the Carsey School of Public Policy at UNH. Their graduate research is focused in leveraging human-centered design to improve accessibility outcomes for the disabled community. They recently received a grant from the New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities to do research pertaining to the employment of disabled Granite Staters. They are also the founder and CEO of Neighborhood Access LLC, an accessibility consulting firm that has current contracts with Google, the ACLU, and several other organizations across many fields. The goal of this work is to help orgs make their processes, practices, and products more accessible. Using their experiences as a late-Deaf person, Jules continuously advocates with the disabled community in the fight for true accessibility. They are working on getting legislation passed related to accessible voting, and they have consulted with several Black Lives Matter chapters to create an accessible activism environment. Jules has also been involved in social innovation work at UNH since 2017 through the Changemaker Collaborative (formerly the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise). Here, they have consulted students and community members on social entrepreneurship and what it means to use business as a force for good. Jules is passionate about listening to others' stories and ideas to foster collaboration and communal growth.