Justyn Lewis
Founder, President; Owner, Des Moines' Selma; Lewis Lawn & Labor
Justyn Lewis is the founder and president of Des Moines’ Selma, a non-profit organization whose mission is to build a broad coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses united in their efforts to deepen their understanding of the injustices faced by communities of color and committed to effecting structural change on a local level. Justyn is passionate about bridging the gap between the Black and white communities and educating white Americans and turning them into allies. He teaches Unconscious Bias courses as part of his full-time employment, including a presentation of the topic at the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health. He has been a featured guest speaker on the topic of anti-racism, unconscious / implicit bias, and racial reconciliation. Justyn is also the owner of Lewis Lawn and Labor. He started the business with just a lawnmower and a two-door Ford Escort in an effort to pay down his student loans. He grew the business to a four employee team with two trucks, six trailers, and a large portfolio of customers. Justyn transitioned Lewis Lawn and Labor into a business which focuses on urban ecosystem sustainability, specializing in Soil Quality Restoration, Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens. Justyn enjoys researching political trends and understanding Supreme Court decisions. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and pushing his body to the limit with marathon and triathlon training and snowboarding. Justyn is a Des Moines native and 2012 graduate of Iowa State University with a Political Science degree. He and his wife, Bailey, have two children, Eden and Zeke.