Kadijatou Diallo
Coronavirus Support Associate, State of Connecticut

Kadijatou (Kadija) Diallo is a Master in Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Born in Guinea and claiming Senegal and New York City as her homes, Kadija is interested in how to make governments and institutions across the world stronger, more accountable, and more effective in serving the needs of their people, especially those most marginalized. Important in that effort is empowering citizens with the confidence and skills they need to serve as engaged members of their communities and within power structures. To that end, she has had years of work within immigrant communities, engaging with residents in identifying, accessing, and advocating for the basic resources they deserve and need to live independent and dignified lives, regardless of their immigration status. That work has led her across the Northeast U.S and across Europe, in part from the support of the Humanity in Action fellowship. She is currently engaged in work that looks at the promotion and protection of human rights in the age of technology as governments utilize more technological practices in their core functions. Previously, she worked in Philadelphia around the causes of affordable housing, equal educational opportunity, and immigrant rights. She is a graduate of Temple University.