Karyn Dyer
DEI Research and Strategy Associate, Tangible Development
Karyn Dyer is a New York native, originating from the NYC borough of Brooklyn. After graduating with a Bachelor degree in English from SUNY Old Westbury and graduating with a Master of Science degree in Higher Postsecondary Education, Karyn started their professional purpose as an educator and facilitator for personal, professional, and community development. Karyn currently works as the Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Research and Strategy Associate for Tangible Development, in which she is the lead trainer and facilitator for DEI learning and development opportunities. She has provided training sessions on topics such as implicit bias, anti-racism, and facilitating dialogue across DEI topics. Karyn is also a board member of the Power Breakfast Club, a local group that provides members ongoing structure, accountability, and community through social and professional development. The Power Breakfast Club was recognized as Leaders in Diversity by the Albany Business Review. Karyn is a multifaceted creative involved in creative and healing arts through writing, intuitive readings, and breathwork facilitation. Karyn’s involvement with arts, entertainment, and wellness is shaped by the joy of building community and personal growth.