Kelcea Barnes
Content Strategist

Ms. Kelcea Barnes (she/her) is a content strategist and communication professional based in Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Barnes has received high recognition from the Missouri State Legislature for her congressional affairs work in the Missouri House of Representatives. Ms. Barnes has firsthand experience in crisis communication. In the Fall of 2014, when protests erupted at the University of Missouri, Kelcea served as Chief of Staff for the Missouri Students Association. In this role, she accomplished many goals, including coordinating media response, investigating legal avenues, and serving as a mediator between the Missouri Students Association, the University of Missouri System and other stakeholders. Kelcea has served on many committees and advisory boards to move the University of Missouri forward to a brighter future. Recently, Ms. Barnes worked for a government affairs firm based in Washington, D.C., where she managed legislative portfolios for Fortune 500 companies such as Delta Airlines, Marine Corps Installation Command, and Edison Electric Institute. Currently, Ms. Barnes is the founder of Barnes and Associates, where she helps small businesses and nonprofits optimize their user experience by creating an effective content strategy.