Kim Nguyen
State Advocacy Manager, Community Catalyst
Kim Nguyen is an organizer, advocate, and strategist who has dedicated their career to the pursuit of equity, justice, and liberation. Due to Kim’s interdisciplinary background, they have fought for progressive values in a variety of roles and industries including tech/engineering, research, and non-profit. Kim currently serves as a State Advocacy Manager for the State Consumer Health Advocacy Program at Community Catalyst. In this role, Kim works with state-based advocates to design and implement health advocacy campaigns. For their portfolio of states, they provide leadership, strategic advice, and coaching to state and local consumer health advocates to develop campaigns and organizational capacity. Kim has extensive campaign experience. Prior to joining Community Catalyst, Kim worked on several campaigns. Most notably, they worked as a field organizer for Hillary for America during her 2016 Presidential campaign and served as the Campus Vote Director for Freedom for All Massachusetts/Yes on 3, the campaign to protect trans rights in MA. While organizing for the Yes on 3 campaign, Kim helped lead and implement a statewide campus organizing program that included recruiting, cultivating, and activating college students throughout MA to advance justice for transgender and non-binary people. Through centering the voices of those on the margin and building an organizing strategy that was focused on sharing power, the campaign won the first statewide ballot referendum on transgender rights. Prior to getting involved in direct advocacy and campaigning, Kim focused much of their work in the research and public health sphere. Kim has worked for both the San Francisco Department of Public Health and Berkeley Free Clinic in roles that prioritized expanding healthcare access for marginalized populations. In these roles, Kim worked to break down barriers in services for both transgender and undocumented communities as well as increase HIV counseling and testing services for all. As a bioengineer, Kim has conducted bench research at Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California, San Francisco, and University of California, Irvine. Kim credits their experiences as a researcher and scientist as the catalyst to helping them crystalize their understanding of lack equitable access for marginalized communities and solidifying their commitment to addressing systemic barriers, which led them to pursue the work they do today. Kim holds a Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering, a Bachelors of Arts in Public Health, as well as a minor in Public Policy from University of California, Berkeley.