Kindra Lundie
Pre-K Teacher, Home-School
Kindra Lundie is a twenty-four-year-old, native Vermonter. One of her deepest passions is working with youth. Kindra graduated from the University of Vermont in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and a minor in “Education for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity.” Since graduating, she has found herself fulfilled working in Early Childhood Education. Kindra has broadened her relationships in community through experiences like managing a local vegan cafe, hanging the gallery for a local venue called ArtsRiot, teaching two-year-olds at a local private school, vending her handmade jewelry at various different events, making meals for Food Not Bombs Burlington, and interning for a local organization called Migrant Justice. Kindra’s love for art and nature are two of the largest driving forces behind her teaching philosophy. She believes that teaching alongside nature and leaving loads of room to support creativity and self expression are some of the best ways to nurture young minds and perpetuate caring communities. Kindra aspires to open a new, art and nature based school within her community and to try teaching English abroad, to speakers of other languages. She’s excited to see what kinds of connections she will continue to make that might pivot her passions in new directions and propel her deeper into the education field.